Our Services Include

  • Custom Electronic System Designs and Installations
  • Integrated Smart Lighting Systems
  • Audio and Video Distribution Systems
  • Custom Home Theater and Media Rooms
  • Prewire and Infrastructure Services
  • HD Video and Audio Intercoms
  • Acoustics Consultation and Correction Services
  • Security Cameras and Access Controls
  • Security System Integration
  • Window Blinds and Coverings
  • HVAC and Climate Control Integration
  • Pool and Spa Integration

Peace of mind

Systems can be configured to be remotely controlled and managed from anywhere in the world.  Using a powerful mobile app over the internet, you can adjust your heat, unlock a door, turn off your lights and far more from anywhere in the world.  Systems can be programmed to send messages or text alerts for virtually any event, such as if someone rings your doorbell, perhaps when a door is unlocked or even if someone tries to sneak in after curfew.

Smart Home Automation

Sound & Soul Studios specializes in Smart Home Automation and Ingtegration systems.  Since 2006 we have been delivering custom designed Smart Home Automation systems to simplify everyday lifestyles.  Our systems include complete control of all your Home systems from elegant keypads, touch screens and a simple Mobile App that works from anywhere in the world.

Lighting Controls

Integrated lighting systems offer beautiful light scenes that you can easily create and recall at the push of a button.  Astronomical based lighting (Sunrise/Sunset) options assure your home is always lit and ready whenever you arrive home, regardless of the time of year. 

Whole Home Entertainment

All your music and videos at the push of a button (or on your Voice commands).  We provide simple and intuitive control of all your media, this includes all your streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, Napster, Airplay and More, as well as all your video requirements.  Whole Home distribution systems make it easy to share media around your home easily and with flexibility, whether you want to play the same music everywhere or a different song in every room, our systems are designed to accomodate your every need.

Design Appeal

 Integration offers an oppurtunity to reduce wall clutter.  Wall areas traditionally cluttered with light switches, thermostats, security panels, volume dials etc can be integrated and controlled from simple and elegant backlit keypads or graphical touch screens.  If you’re building new or doing a renovation, Sound & Soul can provide professional consultation and services to help you streamline your space.

Complete Service

 Sound & Soul Studios provides complete turn-key solutions for any project, large or small.  We offer a complimentary initial site visit and budget proposal to help you realize your dream, all completely obligation free.  From our in house engineering and design team to our bonded and certified installation team, Sound & Soul can deliver a complete experience.